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Dr. John Fritz has over 15 years of experience in the medical field since his graduation from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Present date, his office is located in Jersey City and he spends his time serving his community by tending to patients in need in his area.

Some of his many areas of expertise, on top of family medicine, include musculoskeletal system care and osteopathic medicine. He diagnoses, treats, and provides relief for a wide range of patients with a number of different ailments including Diabetes, Weight management, Pain management, Allergy testing and treatment, Sexual dysfunction, Migraines, Immigration/Travel medicine, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Irritable bowel syndrome and Sexually Transmitted Disease treatment. Under these topics he has a variety of sub topics with extensive programs to better fulfill each individual patient’s needs. For example under pain management Dr. John Fritz has very successful treatments for patients suffering from Arthritis as well as help for patients who have been in automobile accidents. Dr. Fritz and his staff use their successful base treatments and customize these processes to fit the needs of every unique patient, recognizing that being flexible and innovative is a necessary in providing effective health care to a variety of people.

Dr. John Fritz

Dr. John Fritz in Clinic

Dr. Fritz and his staff believe in the importance of understanding the needs of their patients. They provide comfort through thorough explanations about patient’s medical conditions and detailed descriptions of the treatment plans. Dr. Fritz and his staff value taking the time to listen to their patients in order to make the experience as pleasurable and helpful as possible. His staff follows up after appointments to ensure treatments are going as planned and that his patients feel cared about and valued. Dr. Fritz, his physicians and his staff form strong healthy relationships with their patients making the office feel more like a family.

Dr. John Fritz office has late hours on weeknights in order to provide a variety of available appointment times for patients as well as Saturday hours. Walk-in’s are always welcome and same day appointments are typically available. His office welcomes new patients. His practice accepts major insurance plans that can be viewed on his easily navigable website Dr. John Fritz.

In addition to treating patients Dr. John Fritz uses his medical passion in order to provide training and lectures on medical topics to interns and residents in his Jersey City area. His office is a Level 3 certified medical home and his staff is motivated and dedicated to making patients feel comfortable and giving them the help they require. All of his staff are bilingual so they can communicate effectively with both Spanish speakers as well as patients who speak English. His warm, personable and caring staff is always there to assist in making patients experiences as comfortable and helpful as possible.

This dedicated man does not only excel in the medical field but also finds the time to enjoy playing the piano, ballroom dancing and scuba diving. He has earned   first place in an Arthur Murray International Dance Studios foxtrot competition and continues to practice this skill today.

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